Saturday, 13 August 2011

Moving On

So with the baby quilts completed and delivered....did I go back and complete the sampler quilt??  Unfortunately I did not!!  My UFO collection begins!!!  I did not feel really confident about the "quilting" of the I put that on the back burner and started on some new projects.   The first was a table topper that incorporated some of the techniques I had learned in the sampler quilt.
It was a good choice.....didn't take to long and I was proud to have another completed project.  Did another tabletopper with a new quilting friend.....another completion.  First attempt at fusible applique.

   Also started a tree skirt ...unfortunately I missed the Christmas deadline on that one and soon afterward decided I had lots of time to finish it now....cause I didn't need it till next Christmas!!  That was 2009......and yes it is still on the UFO pile!!  But I will have it finished for this year!!!  These UFO's are making great practise pieces for the Machine Quilting workshop that I recently took with Harriet Hargrave!!  LOL  I knew there was a reason I hadn't finished them!!

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Myra said...

Christmas projects looking great Barb!! Your middle photo here is a basic pattern I've done several times now...