Sunday, 7 August 2011


When I started my quilting classes I was using an old Singer machine that I have had for the last 30+ years....when I started having problems with it I decided to upgrade to the Janome 6600  and then decided the 6600 would be too cumbersome to take to classes and I bought a Janome Gem as well!

Thinking of going back to the Singer for piecing.  I am currently trying to learn to FMQ and hate having to change the setup on my 6600 for piecing  to FMQ and back again??  Wondering what others do??  Do you have a machine dedicated to piecing and use another for FMQ??

I suppose once I get the hang of the FMQ it won't be an issue, but right now I'm trying to do 10-15 min a day of practice with the FMQ.....then if I want to do some piecing I am changing the setup back and forth.....cuts into my playtime!!


Kirsten said...

Hi Barb,

I saw your post on Leslie's blog, so popped over. I like your collection of machines. And I think the 10-15 minutes of free motion practice each day is a great idea.

I'm also working/blogging my way through the Quilter's Academy series. I hope you'll blog your progress through the books as well.

Cheers, K

Barb said...

Thanks for stopping in Kirsten! So great to connect with others who are working on The Quilters Academy. I will definitely blog my progress and look forward to following your progress as well!! Happy Quilting!