Sunday, 30 December 2012

Teddy Bears On Parade


So nice to have some time off after the rush of preparing for the holidays!!  Finally I have some time to spend in my sewing room!!

I thought I would be tidying up and puttering around, but after a conversation with a girlfriend I quickly realized that the baby quilt I thought I had till March to get done, I now needed for the end of January.  They were having the baby shower before the baby was born!!!    Well then…..never mind the tidying and puttering….lets get sewing!!!





Myra said...

Hahaha... Funny how those things happen... Looking good! ...?... Now that I think of it, I need another baby boy quilt to be ready before April. I have one for a baby girl, but if with get another grandson....? Yikes!

northernknitter said...

Love the bright clear colours - the deadline is coming closer - looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.